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Reinventing Fashion: From Top Polish Editor to Designer at 40 – Embracing the Art of Endless Possibilities!

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Crafting CADs and Comprehensive Tech Packs for Fashion Manufacturing

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20 Years of Styling Editorials and Fashion Shows for Top Polish Designers

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Embarking on a Journey to Master Clo3D

From Dreams to Reality: My Fashion Journey

Embracing lifelong learning and boundless possibilities

Growing up in the Polish People’s Republic, marked by communist rule and economic hardships, taught me to create something out of nothing. Amidst a struggling economy, I discovered my first Vogue in London at 18, sparking a dream to bring such elegance back home. As one of Poland’s first stylists and fashion editors, I launched Viva Moda and Hot Moda & Shopping, and shaped fashion in Polish ELLE.

With the rise of digital media, I shifted gears, becoming a creative director at TATUUM. This role revealed new skills to pursue globally. Embracing change, I earned a Bachelor in Branded Fashion Design in Melbourne, Australia. This experience revived my creative spirit, blending classic fashion appreciation with modern aesthetics. Now, I’m poised to re-design not only fashion but also my future in new creative industries.

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In the late 90s, she was one of the pioneers who kick-started the Polish fashion industry and one of the first stylists. Today, she leans more towards designing clothes.

A Tapestry of threads

My design journey

Welcome to my design portfolio, where creativity intertwines with innovation. As a trailblazer in the Polish fashion scene, I’ve evolved from styling to creating compelling fashion designs. My work harmonizes artistic vision with practical elegance, crafting pieces that inspire and captivate. Explore my collections and witness how my experiences weave into a unique tapestry of fashion design.

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